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Rožmitálské miniaturky – Příběhy z dob nedávno minulých (Rožmitál miniatures - Stories from recent times)

Rožmitálské miniaturky – Příběhy z dob nedávno minulých
Title:Rožmitálské miniaturky – Příběhy z dob nedávno minulých
(Rožmitál miniatures - Stories from recent times)
Author:Zsolt Staník

Ilustrations and cover:Grafik Tribun EU s.r.o
Editor:Dana Řezníčková
Graphical layout and typeset:Grafik Tribun EU s.r.o
Publisher:Zsolt Staník, Prague
First published:2014

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About the book

The idea of creating this booklet was to present in 20 stories a few fragments from the life of Rožmitál (Rožmitál pod Třemšínem is a Czech town) citizens at a time that many of the younger ones may hardly remember.

The stories are predominantly humorous, often full of human emotion, so close to our human sophistication and cunning, from which it is possible to feel the atmosphere of people's lives in the years before the Velvet Revolution.

They are freely processed on the basis of the narrative of Mr. Mirek Bahenský from Rožmitál pod Třemšínem, in the way how he, his relatives and co-workers experienced the events themselves.

The people in the stories, except for one case, do not appear under their proper names. Many of those who have experienced this time certainly do not have the trouble to recall them, and to the younger ones their real names would say probably nothing.

I would like by this book to encourage both the witnesses and the current young generation to record and spread the funny life stories of people in the Rožmitál area.