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Světlanu by chtěl každý
(Everybody yearns for Svetlana)

Světlanu by chtěl každý
Title:Světlanu by chtěl každý
(Everybody yearns for Svetlana)
Author:Zsolt Staník

Ilustrations and cover:Zdeněk Netopil
Editor:Dana Řezníčková
Graphical layout and typeset:Veronika Jelenová
Publisher:Zsolt Staník, Prague
First published:2009
157 pages (printed version)

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About the book

The book contains 17 mostly funny stories, some of which are based on the author’s own life experiences, often taken from absurd situations experienced in everyday life. It follows on loosely from his previous books: Panties off, madam! and The trombone player and the Queen’s pretty buttocks. Among the stories, you can also find A moving half naked target, The magic of a hairy white pudding, Sharing Jolanka, Post-life voyage in the mountain torrent, Hollywood contemplations, and The balloon clown.

In Hollywood contemplations, the author is trying to point out that old age doesn’t need to be sad and that humour and laughter originating from crazy ideas can considerably contribute to the good mood. In this story, a pensioner’s dream is transformed, with the help of his friends, to the shooting of a hit film with all of them playing the main roles.

The novella Everyone yearns for Svetlana touches upon marital relations. It depicts a two-faced man who convincingly manages to pretend to maintain a happy and smooth cohabitation with his wife and at the same time to lead an intimate life with his mistress.

The style is easygoing and simple, suitable for entertainment and relaxation.