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I v rakvi na míru se dá otáčet

(Turning Around in a Coffin Made to Measure)

I v rakvi na míru se dá otáčet
Title:I v rakvi na míru se dá otáčet
Author:Zsolt Staník

Editor:Alena Jíchová
Cover:Jan Přibík
Publisher:Ivo Železný, Prague
First published:2003
205 pages (printed edition)

Price99 CZK
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About the book

Following the success of his first book (Panties Off, Madam!) ZS decided to share with his readers his experiences from the time of totality which most people in his home country knew too well. The stories draw from experience and the life style of society in those years. The author shows that despite all restrictions, absurdities and drawbacks life could actually be lived. Positive thinking and happiness in personal life could be achieved even in those strange days.